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About this forum thread: Statuses and their meanings

Postby ManuelC » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:05 pm

An important part of the so-called whitelisting process is mutual understanding between the website owner and Adblock Plus. The whitelisting partner agrees to adhere to the Acceptable Ads criteria based on an agreement with Adblock Plus. Based on the agreement, the whitelisting partner displays Acceptable Ads to Adblock Plus users. Ads that do not meet the Acceptable Ads criteria remain blocked whether or not they are whitelisted. In the case that any filters would inadvertently display unacceptable ads, some or all filters are removed as per the agreement.

The Adblock Plus team regularly monitors the whitelist to ensure the maximum efficiency of the whitelist filters and to ensure that all whitelisted ads are correctly displayed. Potential criteria violation is also monitored.

Depending on the current status of the website or proposal in the whitelist, threads are tagged as one of the following five statuses:

    The status is [Added] if the whitelisted website displays all ads as per the proposal. Snapshots highlighting the ads are added for this status.

    [Changes detected]:
    This status is temporary and does not imply a criteria violation. A thread is tagged [Changes detected] for the following reasons:
      -One or more of the ad units does not correspond to those specified in the proposal. This includes changes in one or more of the following areas: the layout of the website, the ad format, the ad serving, etc.
      -No ads are currently displayed.

    [Under review]:
    This status is temporary and implies that there may be a criteria violation. Website owners are notified and asked to resolve the issue in 30 working days. If the issue is resolved, the filters are updated and the status of the website is set to [Added]. If the issue is unresolved, the ad is removed from the whitelist. A thread is tagged [Under review] for the following reason:
      -The ad is more than likely violating the Acceptable Ads criteria and therefore valid concerns have been raised.

    The status is [Removed] due to one of the following:
      -It violates the Acceptable Ads criteria.
      -The website no longer exists.
      -The website is temporarily under maintenance.
      -The website is removed from the whitelist on behalf of the website owner.

    The status is [Canceled] because:
      -The website owner is not in compliance with the whitelisting agreement and therefore never made it to the whitelist.

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